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Layne To Take Stage at GO WEST 23

Layne has been announced as a Keynote Speaker at GO WEST 23 in Edmonton, happening January 29-31, 2022.

Their thought-provoking, emotional and informative keynote presentation will be delivered to hundreds of attendees from across North America.

To register for the conference or for more information, go to

Layne is no stranger to change, adversity or success. Their rollercoaster life journey is one of hope, leaving audiences across the globe inspired. Some may know Layne as “The Auctionista,” a philanthro-tainer who has a fervor for audience engagement and passion for storytelling. Behind-the-scenes, Layne is a successful entrepreneur who has raised millions of dollars for social impact causes across North America. As a top Charity Auctioneer with well over 1,000 events under their belt, Layne has broken down barriers in this male-dominated industry and has established themselves as a fundraising dynamo.

Beyond fundraising, they are a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ2+ community. They speak to audiences about the importance of living authentically. Layne would know best. From coming out, changing their name and changing their pronouns, Layne has evolved to become the most authentic version of themselves and inspires audiences to un-apologetically do the same.

Layne has navigated through a lifetime of hardship; from the early days of feeling out of place and having big dreams, to manifesting those dreams and becoming a non-binary fundraising powerhouse. Through enduring, escaping and surviving domestic violence with two children, to overcoming financial ruin, starting over emotionally and physically after a double mastectomy and hysterectomy, and recently being hurled into extreme cumulative trauma during the COVID pandemic, Layne’s emotional journey will both break your heart and give you the hope and strength you never knew you needed. Raw, honest and powerful, Layne delivers their story in a way that will inspire those listening to make life changes.

To find out more about Layne, click here to download their speaker package.

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